Our Facilities


In order for GLM to run an efficient and professional service it will have specialist equipment and materials to assist the funeral process on site.

Cold Storage:

A cold storage facility is available which can accommodate six bodies at any one time.

Moving & Handling Equipment

The facility caters for the moving and handling of the body through the means of hydraulic and manual lifting apparatus and transportation trolleys.

Multipurpose Room

A small area has been provided which can be utilised for multiple purposes. An important note to remember is that GLMCC Funeral services do not allow any communal gatherings in any of the Masjid prayer halls.

Vehicle (Ambulance/Hearse)

Transportation is an essential part of a funeral service. GLM Funeral services do not provide a hearse. Transportation of the deceased is made through the means of a private ambulance.

According to Bilal Phillips book, Funeral Rites in Islam:

“Transportation of the bier in a funeral coach and vehicle (hearse) according to the tradition of non-Muslims is forbidden… He (the prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) instructed his followers to walk and carry the bier with their own hands. The prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) explicitly instructed his followers on numerous occasions to differ in their religious and social customs from non-Muslims.”


According to the Islamic tradition and the Sunnah the deceased must only be buried in a shroud. However, we must also adhere to the rules and regulations of the local council which requires burying the deceased in coffins/caskets. Therefore, GLM Funeral services offers two types of coffins/caskets which will dissolve quickly preventing any type of preservation of the body as follows:- A standard specification wooden casket with a window which has no zinc lining as this preserves the casket therefore preserving the body for a longer duration of time. A Cardboard casket which still functions as a normal coffin but will decompose quickly once buried. This is a new type of casket which is not commonly used however will be the most appropriate casket.

The Shroud (White Cotton sheets)

Shrouding the body is obligatory based on the commands of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). GLM Funeral Services provide a plain thick white cotton material (non- transparent) to shroud the decease.