The Green Lane Masjid Funeral Service (GLMFS) provides a service that abides by the rules and regulations of the local council but most importantly adheres to the Funeral rites according to the Quran and authentic Sunnah.
The aims of the GLMFS are as follow:

I. To please Allah swt

II. To revive the authentic Sunnah of the prophet (saw) by providing the correct guidance regarding funerals

III. To offer a service that caters for the bereaved throughout the entire funeral process

IV. To prepare our brothers and sisters for death

V. To ease the burden at such a difficult time for family and friends

The deceased are totally dependent upon their family, friends and the community to perform the funeral rites upon them in accordance with the Sunnah. Participation in this process is a Fardz Kifayah, a community obligation.

GLM’s Funeral Service is unique as it will adhere strictly to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, whilst still maintaining respect for local council rules and regulations. It is a service that will provide both assistance and guidance from the point of contact as well as in the provision of funeral aftercare services.

The GLM Funeral Service consists of the following:

Operating 24 hours:  7 days a week

Call out service

Transportation– of deceased’s body from home/hospital/nursing home/coroner to the Masjid storage facility and finally to the cemetery (please note that GLM’s funeral service will not accommodate a funeral that requires the body being transported abroad).

Personal assistance- to assist in obtaining all relevant certificates (this procedure from a home, nursing home or hospital will require a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE from either the deceased’s G.P or on site doctor, if death is unexpected the coroner may be informed who will issue a pink FORM 100.  Once acquired these certificates will be presented to the register office to obtain the Death certificates in order for the burial to commence).

A Guidance book – (The guidance book consists of all the obligatory duties, the forbidden and permissible actions and step by step procedures with regards to the Ghusl, the Jannazah, the burial and important information concerning council regulations as well as useful contacts).

The Ghusl- assistance will be provided by a fully trained member of staff (Male or Female).

The Shroud- (according to the Sunnah only).

The casket or coffin- (only plain wood without zinc lining or cardboard caskets will be provided- which is inclusive of funeral service cost).

Catering- the GLMCC funeral service will only recommend caterers

Imam- the service will give accessibility to an Imam of the Masjid for more in-depth guidance.

Aftercare service- a member of staff will visit the family of the deceased to provide further guidance and assistance if required.